Changing my Blog Name

I’ve made a change if you didn’t notice!

I’ve been in love with my blog site name (myheartishiscastle) but I had slowly been thinking more selfishly. Which may sound wrong but it’s about how I feel, and where I want to put my thoughts, hopes, and dreams. To me I want to store them somewhere I’m 100% in love with and to me my new blog site name is that for me. (myheartisacastle) I know it seems like a small weird thing to feel/change, but for me having a name that makes sense for me and means so much to me is a better place to store my life and to share it. With my heart is his castle, I almost felt like i had to always post something that included God but I didn’t always do then and I felt like I was cheating on my blog. To change my name took a lot because I’ve had this blog for almost 6 years now, so it’s been with me forever and almost felt like I was doing something wrong, but its a change I feel I need/want to make. I’m going to make another post explaining my blog name soon, so if your curious keep you eye out for that!

Love Always, xx